Is yoga too intimidating for beginners? Attend the NEW Mindvalley yoga Masterclass and learn how to balance the 4 dimensions of YOU with yoga.

Yoga… It’s so much more than a workout.

Have you ever considered picking up a regular yoga practice — Only to feel really intimidated or confused by it?

You’re not alone.

When you can barely touch your toes, watching a seasoned “yogi” bend and fold into a human-pretzel, can quickly make you feel like you’re way out of your depth.

Which is usually about the time doubt starts kicking in…

  • “I’m not slim enough…
  • “I’m not flexible enough…”
  • “I’m not young enough…”
  • “I don’t have enough time…”
  • The truth is…You are enough.

And enjoying the life-changing rewards of this ancient practice — regardless of your current circumstance or your physical abilityis a lot easier than you think.

To show you how, we’d love to invite you to Mindvalley’s first-ever yoga Masterclass with Cecilia Sardeo, Mindvalley’s resident yoga instructor, where you’ll learn…

How To Find The Right Yoga Practice For You

But here’s what people don’t quite realize about yoga…

It’s so much more than just a physical workout.

Sure, if done right, yoga can give you an incredibly fit and flexible body.

But what yoga does that other workouts don’t is that it nourishes ALL dimensions of what makes you, you.

  1. Your Body
  2. Your Mind
  3. Your Heart
  4. Your Soul

This is why yoga isn’t just a “workout” — It’s also a “work-IN.

And to prove to you that anyone—even you—can cultivate a beautiful yoga practice, you can follow along to a gentle and rejuvenating 20-minute yoga flow during the Masterclass itself.

This is a perfect way for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to get acquainted with a deeper aspects of yoga.

All you need is a thick towel (or a yoga mat if you already have one), and enough space so you can move freely.

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