six hard truths about lucid drea

Six hard truths about Lucid Dreaming


Andrew Holecek, the world famous Dream Yoga teacher is hosting a brand new Mindvalley Academy Masterclass on one of the most fascinating vehicles of personal and spiritual growth, Lucid Dreaming.

Which is really cool because, some people say, Lucid Dreaming is the ultimate tool for CREATIVITY, INTUITION, HEALING, SELF-REALIZATION and even having lots and lots of fun.

If you’re pursuing any of these things, you must absolutely check this training out. Because this might be the shortcut you’ve been subconsciously looking for, for years.

If you’re not Lucid Dreaming at night, you’re probably missing out.


Here’s why.

Six reasons.


Flying, in general, is fun… just the experience of freedom (no roads!) and speed and adrenaline… it makes non-flying-life look like a cruel prison. Lucid dreaming is your chance to actually do it without having to go through years of expensive pilot lessons.

Not only that, you can walk through walls, be mischievous and live out your true desires… without having absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.

In other words, it’s the most wackiest realities ever.

Sounds like FUN, doesn’t it?


Every human being is creative. The only thing that blocks the so-called “non-creative” people is their conscious mind. But during your dreaming state, this conscious state is pretty much non-existent.

That means creativity is full to the brim waiting for you to tap it.

Say you want inspiration for a new book or a new business, you can have it in an instant.

Unlimited creativity is the norm.

Who doesn’t want that?


The lucid dream provides you an excellent opportunity to see your shadows in the waking reality. It will manifest as a nightmarish situation. Which will get worse if you run away.

And will de-materialize if you confront it.

And when it de-materializes in the dream world, it’s also gone from the real world.

This often results in dramatic physical, mental and emotional healing.

Now, shouldn’t you be Lucid Dreaming?

 4. Knowing yourself

When in the dream state, you’re in a reality that’s as close to the truth of who you are. Which means, since there are no limitations, rules and structure in the dream state, your lucid dreams will be a much accurate representation of who you are than the life you’re living in your waking state.

And seeing the (sometimes) stark contrast between who you think you are in the waking reality and who you really are in the dream reality is an excellent eye-opener for many.

It’s the ultimate personal growth experience.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Lucid dreamers are also able to harness their intuition better because, during the dreams, the conscious mind doesn’t hijack the intuition with its ego. Instead, intuition is all there is.

You can find answers, get key insights and discover something new. All through the power of your intuition.

For you to do that in your waking state requires immense practice or a natural gift.

But in the dreaming state, it’s completely natural.

Your intuition is, in fact, on overdrive.

What can you NOT ask your intuition?


Your dream state is a higher level of consciousness in a higher vibrational realm. Hence the tools and resources you have in that realm are super advanced.

You’ll be able to engage in things like telepathy, remote viewing and even communicating with spirits.

Doing so will give you a taste of what it will be like when you ascend to the higher realms of consciousness in the waking reality.

And that will show your true potential in life like nothing else you’ve experienced so far.

Ready to explore your full potential?

The best part is…


Meaning, you invest “no extra time” and get results.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a…


At Mindvalley Academy, twice a month they help thousands unravel ONE key element of their full potential through a remarkable training called Masterclasses.

And this month, it’s through the vehicle of Lucid Dreaming.

If you want to get started in Lucid Dreaming, this is the masterclass you should attend.

Even if you’re a fairly experienced Lucid Dreamer, you’ll pick up a few little gems from this training.

These are the Lucid Dreaming techniques that… if you had gotten them a year ago… would have resulted in you having crazy real, HD quality lucid dreams every night.

And the teacher is none other than world-famous Lucid Dreaming teacher, Andrew Holecek

It’s FREE, and you have no excuse to pass this up.

All the details are here >>

six hard truths about lucid drea


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