Use referral code HH0T6XEFix and get a 10% discount off your trading Fees For the first month when you trade with BitFinex.

Bitfinex is one of the coolest bitcoin trading platforms around. They’ve had their problems but are still one of the exchanges with the biggest volume for BTCUSD, they provide margin trading and trading on some of the other alt-coins. Mainly the bigger ones like Etherium, Dash and Monero.

Recently they launched their new platform, EthFinex and you can get a similar referral code for that platform.

If you’re just signing up and trading with bitfinex, are a new trader and looking for some guidance with bitcoin trading, then sign up for the newsletter.

I’ll share some resources I found to help you trade better, I also use Bitfinex to trade myself and use this platform as an example often.

You can earn 10% off your trading fees for a month if you use the code: HH0T6XEFix when signing up.

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