homo naledi hoax or ancestor

Homo Naledi: Hoax or Human Ancestor?

Homo Naledi is the name for an extinct species of hominin after a collection of fossils were found in the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star Cave system. Consisting of more than 1,550 numbered fossil elements, the discovery is the single largest fossil find of what is claimed to be the bones of our ancestors.…

They’ve gone and done it. Found the early human ancestors, our early relatives they say. All of science is abuzz with excitement and tourism to Maropeng is at all time high. Notwithstanding the unabridged birth certificate debacle so watch out if you’re bringing your kids through South African borders.

Mr everywhere Vice Pres Lyric Shoparama was in fine fettle even while Juju was being kicked out of parliament for calling him a murderer in the same breath.

The high orchestration of the event, the media frenzy around it, the convenience of inter-generational fossils found in one place is one thing. Its quite another to deduce these are early human ancestors.

Could they not be carefully disposed of corpses of genetic tampering gone wrong?

One has only to look at mielie meal in Mzansi.
I love breaking news stories and the fictions they make fact 🙂

But of course, we all have our own opinion we take as fact. What’s yours?

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