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Risk warning: Losses could exceed deposits.

If you are looking for a simple, objective and profitable trade setup, you need to consider the London Open trade strategy.

Today, in about 1 hour 30 minutes, Darko picked up +100 pips. No indicators needed. Nothing. Just price. I don’t know how trading could get much easier than this.


very quick midweek video for you and I
want to show you yet another outstanding
London open trade actually two of them
one of them on the euro US dollar and
the other on the British Pound u.s.
dollar this is the euro one I’ll show
you it in a second here’s this move down
today and this ends up being about a
three to one reward we’re straight a
reward risk trade and on the cable not
just and here’s that by the way I’ll
show you the let me just show you this
here the the trade setup happened right
in here and this was the move down here
I mean as you can see it went you know
straight down into this level this is a
really good support level on the on a
daily chart that we were watching and on
the cable and like I say that was like a
three to one reward wrist trade pretty
darn nice here’s the cable here was the
daily chart on it pretty big downtrend
happening and so on the one-hour chart
which is our entry timeframe on these
you can see that there was another set
up in this area here and this is a
really good level of resistance support
resistance pardon me on the on the daily
under daily chart pardon me yeah so
here’s another really nice mount move
down expected support look what happened
when price hit this expected level of
support okay so I tell you something
I don’t know how trading could get much
easier than this and yes there are
losing trades like with any strategy but
the fact is the odds on this these
trades are very favorable plus when you
get trades like the euro US dollar that
pulled off a three to one reward risk
outcome you don’t even have to be right
and very often to do really well it’s an
objective strategy it occurs very
frequently it captures some really big
price movements at times right so for
trading purposes I mean I mean what more
could you ask for that’s got everything
we want I can tell you that it is
Darko’s a favorite strategy just because
it’s so simple and it’s very very easy
to learn it can be traded from his cell
phone if necessary which is
I’ve had emails from members who have
traded from her cell phone the London
open trade strategy has been extremely
popular the course that is has been very
we already raised the price once and we
were supposed to raise it again
yesterday but I asked the back office to
leave it for one more day so that people
who were not quite sure but people that
could see the value in the course and
the setups would have the opportunity to
get the course before we raised the
price again so fair warning we’re gonna
leave the price the the price adjustment
until the end of tomorrow
okay that’s May the 9th okay and we’ll
leave it till it will leave the price
adjustment till the end of May the 9th
and then it’s going up again and I’ll
say this the price of this course is
well I’m going to call it ridiculously
cheap very inexpensive for sure
considering what it can do for you I’m
going to show you an email here because
this is what I’m talking about
this is I got this from a person who
bought the London open course he says
many thanks back I took that trade and
also on new euro as well and by the way
this doesn’t refer to the trades I just
showed you these were other trades so
since then this person has had these
trades to go for as well then last night
I took the euro short so the course fee
well paid for yeah many thanks to both
you and Darko I am a convert regards and
it was a person from New Zealand who
asked that we withhold their name which
is great we don’t give people’s names
out who don’t want that so um anyway
there’s a link to the course in the body
of this email by the way an even better
way to gain access to this strategy in
my humble opinion would be to join the
Coach’s Corner the strategy is
completely covered in there so there’s
no need to buy the course however you
know what some coaches corner members
want the course anyway and and we’ve
made it available for them at a super
cheap price as you’ll see when you when
you click on the link in the email to
the London open trade strategy

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