Download and Login to your Khwezi Trade MT4 Platform

On the email scroll down and select download MT4, if you’re on the webpage scroll down on the lower right hand side you will see the downloads section.

Select MT4 platform, once selected your browser will start downloading the file. Once downloaded you can run the setup wizard if you agree to the terms and conditions. Select next.

The MT4 installation will start.

Once installed you can go ahead and select finish at this point your browser will open an MQL5 page you can ignore this page and close the browser.

The MT4 platform should open automatically once installed. An icon will be created on your desktop for future use. The easiest way to log in is on the top left hand side of the platform.

Select “File”. Go to “Login to Trade Account”.

A login and password will be emailed to you. Enter these details here and select the relevant server being either live or demo.

Please check the bottom right hand corner to see if you are connected. If the connection status is green and red with numbers running you are connected.

If the connection bar is black you are not connected to the market, you need to check either the server you have chosen. Re-enter your login detail or check your internet connection to view your available trading balance.

Select the trade tab on the bottom left hand side of the platform.

download khwezi mt4