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How To Open, Monitor and Close a trade on the Khwezi Trade MT4

To open an order right click on the chart see trading and select new order.

The order screen will now appear. Before opening an order please make sure of the following the symbol you are looking to buy or sell is displayed at the top of the window, the volume is set to the correct size that you are looking to trade.

If you are entering a stop loss and take profit make sure it’s correct then select buy or sell. Once open the order will be displayed on the terminal at the bottom.

The terminal will display all the information about the order; open time, open price, size of the order, current price and the profit or loss. To close or partially close an order you can right-click on the order information on the terminal and select close order.

On the close order screen to close the whole order you can select the yellow close button. To partially close in order enter the volume or order size that you want to close and select the yellow close button. The open order will now be modified and the changes can be seen in the terminal window.

You have successfully setup your MT4 trading terminal and opened and closed an order should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

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