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Learn How to Build A Network Business In Online Trading With QuickTrade

This South African regulated broker with a unique three-tier affiliate program is perfect for building a network style business.

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Regular readers of my blog (and those close friends who I’ve always nagged about these ideas) will know that I’ve always wanted to build a sustainable, passively growing, and secure income business around forex trading.

I remember being so excited a few years ago when the first sub-affiliate I had introduced, had themselves recruited their first trader and was earning rebates and I too earned a smaller amount. Passive income!

QuickTrade Start Trading Today

Because it’s free to become an affiliate of QuickTrade (this site is really about affiliate marketing) that this opportunity differs from classic MLMs because you’re not forced to spend your own money buying useless stock to sell on, and you’re only paid a commission if and when a trader you refer actually trades.

I’ve built a career as a lifestyle entrepreneur doing exactly this, by partnering with various brokers and crypto-trading platforms, I’ve managed to create a job that pays a reasonable monthly to see to my needs.

Now I think I’m finally ready to teach other people how to do what I’ve done and at the same time make this into a proper business that can scale and to even grow.

I don’t know yet, how I will deliver this teaching. I’ll probably start with one-on-one coaching, maybe videos like the one that I’ll be doing soon for this post (I hope to become a better presenter) and then hopefully an online learning platform (let’s see how it takes off).

If you’d like to join me in this journey with QuickTrade, either as a trader or especially in the affiliate business, then please open a demo account and dive right in.

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