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The QuickTrade Affiliate Program

QuickTrade has a multi-tier referral program. You can earn R90 on Forex and over R100 on Indices for every lot one of your referred traders places.

Because I chose the forex affiliate niche to build a brand in so many years ago, I obviously came across QuickTrade and the services that they provide to the South African trading community and what I love best about them (from all of the other great features) is the three tier affiliate program that they offer.

This makes it the perfect program to concentrate most of my online promotional activities to recruit other traders and especially other marketers and networkers and those who want to create a passive income.

Building this kind of a referral community of traders is what I’ve wanted to do for the longest time and though I was successful as an IB (especially with BlackStone Futures), their systems prevented me from knowing the names and contact details of my referred customers. And when they rebranded to TradeNation and didn’t automatically port my clients over, I lost out on an income I was becoming accustomed to.

I have to start from zero with QuickTrade but I’m happy to report that as at November 2022, this IB program has started earning me a small amount of income (in the hundreds of rands thus far).

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