Forex trading is exploding in South African with many more people starting to trade and looking for information on brokers, courses, indicators and other trading software.

Help them to find what they’re looking for to become better traders and you can earn a fortune in the process.


If you’re an affiliate marketer and thinking about choosing Forex Trading as online niche to target then you’re in luck there are lots new traders entering into the market in South Africa and they’re hungry for good information.

They’re looking for safe and honest brokers to trade with, easy to understand trading education and some (or most) can also be looking for that silver bullet in the form of expert advisors (knowns as EAs) or any other number of tools and services that is and will always be created by intrepid entrepreneurs, which you can then further promote.


I’ve been involved with some profitable forex affiliate programs myself for a while now and in this article I list some of the most lucrative ones I’ve had an experience with.

Some of these vendors and service providers also offer a second or multiple tiers of affiliates so you can even create a passive income stream from your referral activities if you can get other people and help train them to be successful affiliates.

BlackStone Futures

BlackStone Futures is one of my most lucrative IB program amongst local brokers.

They pay my rebates into my FNB account in the first week of the month for the previous month’s earnings. They’re like clockwork and even if the IB portal on the backend doesn’t reflect accurate amounts of earnings, I bank 3 or 4 figures every month from them.

They’re very active on social media and any traders that signs up with them are invited to regular webinars they host and their YouTube platform is updated daily with their local analyst giving his impressions on the market.

I hold them in high regard and suggest you check them out and sign up an an Introducing Broker if you want to earn a steady income from rebates.

CM Trading

CMTrading is the broker that I’m getting the most conversions with.

They’ve got an outbound call desk and talk to your leads directly so you can be sure that they’re doing their best to convert them into traders.

For beginner traders CMTrading is a great broker to start with.

They pay you $300 for a First Time Deposit (FTD) which can turn out to be a nice payday if you can get just 1 new trader a week. I sometimes get 5-7 FTDs a month and the frequency of those months is increasing too.

Click here to sign up with CMTrading and start earning now.

HotForex IB Program is very lucrative

HotForex pays up to $15 per standard lot on their IB program and offers a host of other benefits to IBs. They have a multi-tier affiliate tracking system, and extensive MT4 reporting, There are no set-up fees to join the program and all IBs have their own personal account manager.

Khwezi Trade

One of the better local broker that I’ve come across. In my dealings with this company, they’ve come across as very professional and a cut above the other brokers that seem to cut corners. They have offices in Cape Town, are very active in training new traders to their platform (they’ll even give one on one training to any trader that deposits more than R50,000) and even have a mirror trading service that you can direct your traders too.

It doesn’t earn as much as a trader that trades for him or herself, but it slowly ticks along earning you rebates consistently.

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The CPA (Cost Per Action) that, is one of the highest online and if you’d like to get great rewards from the same amount of effort, then sign up for their affiliate program.

They offer a free $30 (ish, its always changing) account and they also have a binary trading platform which seems to be very popular with some punters (can you call them traders?).

XM Markets

XMs affiliate program has been consistently earning me money, because the traders that I’ve referred to them have been so happy and successful that they’ve kept on trading.

When I earned my first payout from them, it was the biggest monthly check I had ever earned in 30 days of promotion and I’ll never forget how happy I was, knowing that what I had slaved for up until then was now beginning to deliver its rewards.

They also offer a two tier affiliate program and they have a very engaged call centre that converts your leads into traders. It looks like they’re getting a bigger presence in South Africa, with a Cape Town seminar in late 2016, let’s hope that they get an FSB license and spend more on advertising.

Including a free, no deposit required,R350 account, they also have deposit and loyalty bonuses throughout their promotions.


I’ve been with AVAPartner for a few years now and they’ve been paying me consistently for many months now. Now that they’ve got an FSB license, they’re much easier to promote to South African traders.

I’ve chosen the revenue share option and one trader has been a very profitable trader and earned me some terrific commissions before he (or she) stopped trading.

AvaTrade, the brokerage, is one of the first forex brokers to offer bitcoin trading and with that growing market segment, its easy to create content to promote AVAtrade to your prospects.

RoboForex has a 5 Tier program and a very innovative affiliate platform. Honestly this is the only reason that I’m interested in this broker, I haven’t yet had any conversions from them. In more honesty, I haven’t really created any content until now.

Let’s see how it goes.
Click here to sign up to their multi-level Affiliate program.


JustForex has a very attractive affiliate or IB program, you can choose whether you want to earn revenue share as an IB or a CPA one time payment like an affiliate.

JustForex partner reward starts from $10 per lot. The mixed business model is the main advantage, which means that JustForex can either be a dealer or a broker for clients, depending on the type of account traders have chosen: classic, NDD or ECN accounts.

JustForex affiliate program is two-tiers, so you can receive income from your referred clients and referred IBs as well.

Click here to check them out.

Easy Forex

Easy Forex has been around forever and though I’m an affiliate, I’ve only just every logged in to get my creatives and plaster them on my site.

I’ve no experience with them at all besides that and can’t tell you any more except to say that they also offer a second tier program so sign up.

They pay a high $400 for CPA (Cost per Action) for FTDs (First Time Deposits) and if your trader chooses to trade with them, you could earn quite a high amount per trader.

You could also choose the lot rebate where you can earn a percentage of the spread each time your referred trader trade.


Plus500 Affiliate Program

Plus500 is another of those new brokers who are offering bitcoin trading. There program is a bit strict in that they want to check every page where you’re promoting their offer to make sure you have all the necessary legalese available on the page and you or they won’t get sued.

Also have the second tier available to sign other marketers up too.

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