Thabiso Khambule

Thabiso Khambule Interviewed by Quicktrade 

Caleb Martin talks to radio personality and markets trader Thabiso Khambule. Tune in to hear him speak.

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Thabiso Khambule

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Thabiso Khambule

Caleb Martin with another QA session at Quicktrade and today welcoming Thabiso Khambule.

So before we get started I have to ask you where did you get the nickname because so many people want to know.

So I am doing radio currently, on the biggest commercial radio station in South Africa, Jacaranda FM and for seven years iIwas on a show with Rian van Heerden.

So when I started he first started calling me Tiramisu for Thabiso of course and then it quickly switched over to lali but it’s a name of affection that his granny gave him.

Because i was the young one in the group, I was the youngest in the group actually. So it was him, dianda and he’s also about 40 years old, and then Robbie was in his 30s and I’m in my 20s.

So he was like, “You’re the young one, so you’ll be Lolly yeah, clearly obviously, he was quite fond of you, then on the stage very very still still stories.

Fantastic how did you get into being do you call it a radio DJ am i correct.

So yes yes yes you can call it a radio personality radio, dj um sure i think since the age of four i knew that i wanted to be on radio. okay i absolutely love what i do.

i used to be that typical child that would sit in front of a radio with the radio and actually listen to Jacaranda FM as that time it was the only station that we could actually catch in Mafikeng.

okay so i would sit in front of the radio record a song and then record my own voice entering the song or outro in the song and then into the next song again.

so yeah that’s that’s basically how my love radio.

there’s a couple of mixtapes when you had your first interview you’ve been basically.

So let me ask you where did your interest in trading start.

sure man i think it started back in 2017 and it actually started with binary systems.

i don’t know if you know what binary systems is but yeah i think when now when i actually look at what i’m doing now.

Started off with binary systems and then afterwards i started learning a bit more and more but it’s all basically can i say self-taught stuff through Youtube and all of that.

basically that’s where it started.

And how’s your experience been?

So first of all so it’s been about four years and how what have you experienced and how has that journey been i must say the journey has been up and down.

Because of youtube but then one would get so busy because I’m a dj as well so i’ll get so busy and sidetracked with emceeing and djing and then forget about about the training because it’s not really that important for me and then i’ll hop back on so basically it’s been this love-hate relationship that i had with with trading has anything happened that there’s more love now than there is hate for sure for sure the pandemic happened so yes some of the viewers out there i know it’s impacted all of us how has it impacted you and how do you want to use trading for some of those dreams and goals so because in your journey because because i am seeing a dj that’s basically where my main source of income comes from okay that is through emceeing and djing um the radio gig that i do it’s good too but um that’s basically let’s say to to to keep the general stuff going but if i want to go on holiday if i want to make sure that my kids are in a good school i definitely have to emcee i definitely have to gig um so basically um yeah that’s that’s where where i can say um when when that took a knock um and i couldn’t mc anymore i couldn’t dj anymore because of regulations of course i was like oh my soul what now what are you gonna do now so um it it created for a whole lot of time actually because then i was on radio for three hours a day afterwards what do you do you know i can’t really market myself to be a dj or mc so i have to then start concentrate or start to concentrate on trading okay fantastic and did you approach multiple brokers dummy you’re sitting here with me today but what did you what did you go to and what did you experience why quit trading stock market college and how did you get to us i love that question so what i saw okay and i absolutely love that so the transparency because you you get a whole lot of people wanting you to come on board um but they’re not really transparent in what they do um you actually feel like um does things scare me you know and and you feel you feel that um you don’t feel safe to to to to invest your time and your money into a certain broker into a certain company but then when i saw quick trading now how transparent you guys are um there’s a lot of things that you guys do online as well and i was blown away i was like this is who i want to walk a path with this is who i really want to see my future with and it’s quick trade fantastic yeah top three goals that you would like from trading sure and i want you to share the personal goals doesn’t matter it’s quite amazing talking about personal so um i believe that i’m going through a counseling session with god actually on how to how to use biblical principles um when it comes to your finances okay so i believe that he started this journey with me because um i i guess this is where i’m headed now i’m gonna be financially free you know so firstly is definitely to tackle all the debt whatever it did and that means my house as well and my car because that is also debt uh people sometimes camouflage and say no it’s good debt no it’s debt you want to cover all of that you don’t want to be paying the bank or anybody per month you want to be able to pay for things cash and i believe um that as i believe in education so i have two boys two beautiful boys and i really want to invest very well in their education so that’s that’s my second goal and then my third and quite personal one is i never went on honeymoon and i want to take my wife on the best honeymoon ever okay tell me you’ve got a place where do you want to go you’re not allowed to share it with it yet so we’ve been doing a bit of research and i i told her that i love clear waters so i wanna i wanna go somewhere where there’s clear waters and it was probably the philippines the philippines yeah like i personally would love to go to the maldives oh yes yes yes that’s also a very good place fantastic and what have you experienced here at quick trade thus far how has it been and stock market college ah beautiful beautiful i must say the the registering for stock market college was so easy um i really enjoyed that i really really enjoyed that it was quick and easy and with quick trade i love the fact that you can um you can basically earn as you learn so i invested 500 i’m getting signals which is absolutely beautiful um i know that this is a long term goal that i’m busy with it’s not a get rich quick scam or get rich quick thing um i was even thinking of those messages i don’t know if you if you’ve seen that if you post something you get very good traction um you get this silly um message that comes up into into your messages and that science and so helped me to reach this much i’m so happy that that is not the case so i’m aware that this is this is a step-by-step this is going forward quite steadily if i can put it that way and really just taking your time and that’s what i enjoy about quick trade especially um the signals that one gets um with learning you know that okay now i can go back test on how how do they get to the signal you know so which is quite nice so in other words you’re going to get the signal and you’re going to and almost re when i say relearn it’s almost like what did they see that i didn’t see exactly that okay exactly that or even more so if you get that signal and maybe it confirms something that you’ve already seen that’s it’s like you can pat yourself in the background okay so it’s like reassuring exactly fantastic that and in terms of your journey what are some of the things that you would like your viewers um to gain from your journey what are some of the tick boxes that you how do you want to inspire others one thing that i definitely want to do is i want to inspire others by saying that you can start from the bottom and get here like the dream so um yeah just plainly that like i said i started with 500 rand um i’m quite excited to see where i’m going to be at the end of the year i’m quite excited to see where i’m going to be three years from now and bearing in mind that um it is not um you reach your goal quickly but it’s also learning as you go along you know i think that’s that’s the mistake that people sometimes make and think about trading is that yes i could know and tomorrow i’m going to be rich and that’s not the case you have to take it step by step you have to learn you have to sometimes even fail because that’s how you learn and that’s sometimes the best lessons that you get is it’s exactly that exactly that you know so you basically just have to concentrate on the main goal let’s say in three years or in five years reaching that goal but don’t make it a goal of in a year look i guess there’s some lucky ones but yeah personally i want to really take on this this journey make it a few years even and just basically gain experience from that i have to ask and i don’t want to be too intrusive but when people talk this way is there any one single event that has led you to this outlook into say you want to give it one year you want to give it three years is there anything do you know why you’re looking at a long-term goal not trying to fast-track that process i love i love your question um i i’ve always wanted to do tv i’ve always always wanted to do tv um so when i joined the radio station three years in um i basically i put a stamp on it that okay i want to do tv and nothing came through nothing came through until my ninth year of radio something came through and from a very big company the googles oh wow so i noticed that all of this takes time i think i was in preparation in all of this time to be able to do tv to such a scale you know um as you know that this this work so um i was really fortunate and blessed to work with um yeah with with curry cup winners with um uh with uh winners on in overall of the rugby um league so it was it was really amazing for me to to to get that experience first and then work with the big names so you’re saying in other words nine years taught you that not everything happens in one week okay very true two questions if you could leave a parting message and how can people reach you well one thing that i have to say to you and you and you is do not become despondent that is one thing do not become despondent i know that in in about the fifth year of my radio career i became very despondent because nothing was happening it felt like everything was just at a standstill and everything was stagnating so that’s one thing that i always want to tell people do not become despondent and be patient and how you can reach me is on all social media platforms my name is tavis okamboule all of them instagram twitter facebook and linkedin fantastic thank you

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