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Bitfinex Launches Affiliate Program

Bitfinex has relaunched their affiliate program and you can now earn commissions three levels deep in your affiliate network.

Bitfinex has relaunched their affiliate program and this is wonderful news to me as my most successful bitcoin affiliate program has been via this platform.

In the early day’s of their existence they use to advertise a 10% discount on trading fees to any new trader who signed up via an affiliate link or had a referral code. This content on my site converted lots of new traders to sign up for an account.

There are a few differences to how the system works. Firstly there’s now a dedicated affiliate page which details exactly how much you’ve earned in the past period you may be looking at.

Secondly they pay down to 3 levels deep and also include some multipliers where you can earn even more. See the image below for a representation of how much you could be earning.bitfinex affiliate fees

Click here to sign up for a Bitfinex account and start trading or recruiting traders now.

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