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5 Steps to Finding Trades In Your Trading Day

It’s important as a trader to do the same thing every day, to develop a routine. It’s also important to approach every market and every timeframe the same. Look at your chart sand I mark it up, put lines on it, and try to look for patterns.

Al Brooks' tools for finding trading opportunities in the financial markets.

Al Brooks’ approach in 5 steps to finding today’s trades.

How to recognise patterns to anticipate what will follow to structure and manage trades successfully.

Traders must practice.

You should not just show up when the market opens and expect to do well. They should practice after the market closes.

Spend some time reviewing the day’s price action on the charts that you trade and look for patterns.

It’s good to practice recognising patterns and thinking about how you’ll manage them real-time, because you’re going to keep encountering the same patterns.

The more patterns that you know, the faster you are at recognising them, the more chance you’ll have at structuring and managing profitable trades.

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