Welcome to my blog. Here you will articles on whatever interests me at the moment.

I blog on these pages mainly for pleasure, for earning money writing about Bitcoin, Stacks, forex trading and affiliate marketing.

And to express my ideas.

Previously, I used to be quite prolific in the healing and massage community, though these days I’m doing so much or writing about it on my site as much, though I do want to give back and publish something that will help others.

Entrepreneur swears mysterious document is key to success

Doesn’t it make you cringe when you hear millionaire gurus say things like: “You can have it ALL in life.” Easy for you to say… You already have a 7-figure bank account while the rest of us still have a busy 9-5 to worry about. Heck. Some of us even

Conscious Parenting Mastery With Dr. Shefali

Most parents never learn “how to parent”. So for many of us, we fall back on the only experience we have: How our parents raised us. Conscious Parenting looks at nurturing an internal and external environment where your child is allowed to come to their own empowering conclusions and make the best decisions for themselves. The Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest will systematically shatter the illusions and myths of the traditional parenting model, while introducing you to a radically different paradigm that will help raise your levels of consciousness as a parent and nurture deep, meaningful connections with your children.

Anton Kraly Dropship Lifestyle Ecommerce Business Review

Dropshipping has become a popular and competitive field for people to make money online, getting started requires knowledge and expertise. You may need to take some experts courses like Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle, to gain an advantage over your competition.

British Army deserter helped the Israeli Armored Corps

Irish soldier helped the Israeli Armored Corps and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Valor by The US Wiesenthal Center. Mike Flanagan was an Irish soldier who helped to form the armed forces of Israel. Originally Mr. Flanagan is from Foxford, County Mayo Ireland. He served with the British Army

Learn How To Get Into The Flow State With Steven Kotler

After the recent masterclass with Steven Kotler, author of Mindvalley’s ‘The Habit of Ferocity’ we found this talk he did at A-Fest Jamaica about flow and how it can create peak performers. Ignite your highest potential in your work and passions with Steven Kotler’s full course.

The Habit of Ferocity By Steven Kotler

‘The Habit of Ferocity’ is about examining the consciousness of work and giving you the right tools so that you can be your best in your passions, your work & your creativity

A book that rushes your visions into reality

Imagine that on your shelf, is a special book. In this book lies the secret to your greatest life. Because on every page is written – in exquisite detail – how to achieve your personal vision of success, in everything that matters to you. Not someone else’s vision, but YOURS.

The most powerful life envisioning system on the planet: yours free

My friends at Mindvalley are giving away FREE access to their $1,200 life envisioning course, Lifebook Online: Use this special link to enroll in this $1,200 course for FREE >>> Lifebook Online is a remarkable process, designed by Jon and Missy Butcher, that guides you through the 12 key dimensions

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