Welcome to my blog.

Here you will articles on whatever interests me at the moment. I write for pleasure, for earning money from blogging (mainly) about forex tradingbitcoin and affiliate marketing. And to express my ideas.

Previously, I used to be quite prolific in the healing and massage community, though these days I’m doing so much or writing about it on my site as much, though I do want to give back and publish something that will help others.

If you’re smart enough to find out how I’m asking for this content to be on my site, I’d be happy to have your business featured.

Join me on this Life Envisioning Masterclass

I can’t wait for this upcoming free New Year Masterclass with Lifebook founders Jon and Missy Butcher. Jon and Missy live a life that can only be described as “extraordinary”. They have a vast portfolio of purpose-driven companies, some with billions of dollars in revenue. As you can imagine, they’re

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Do you know what you ~really~ want in 2019?

How’s your 2019 game plan looking? The average person will step into the New Year with two types of vague goals: 1) Career 2) Money (In fact a recent Statista study showed that 53% of people’s resolutions this year were solely to save more money.) Now, while your career and

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Meet the man with the most extraordinary life

What you’re about to learn will probably be the most interesting concept of success you’ve ever come across. Most of us measure success based on a single metric such as… the amount of money in our bank account, how well our career is doing, if we are going to get

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Getting Children To Love Reading

Reading is a huge part of a child’s development. In the early days it should be a shared experience between parent and child. Here’s some of the top ways to get your children into reading.

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Some images from my almost adopted country set to the music of the national anthem and a Ken Burns effect.

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