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With forex trading it’s deceptively simple to get involved in, but also notoriously easy to lose ALL your money.

The fact is that 80% of retail traders will lose their initial deposit within 90 days, and the worst thing about this fact is no one tells you this when you first start. All they keep focusing on are either the random big winners that we all get from time to time, or the tiny minority. The 5% of traders who do make money from trading.

And that’s why I’ve created this website to help educate people on the reality of this industry and how to approach the forex market with discipline and practice to increase the odds of your success.

Forex Brokers

The first and most important relationship you will have is with a broker. They’re the ones that make it possible for us retail traders to trade.

They provide the platform (mostly MT4, though there are more platforms becoming common these days.)

If you’re still looking for a broker, then you can find reviews of all the brokers that I’ve come across here, or read some of the latest news from my broker partners.

Forex Courses

If you want to be a self directed trader than the best course of action is to find a mentor who teaches a course that you think is worthwhile to learn and get regular training and mentorship from

You can find a few free forex courses in the ebook that I recently wrote or you can try investigate some of the paid courses that I’ve checked out.

There’s one that’s not listed, out of respect to my mentor that asked me not to have his link there. Its the method that I am personally trading (I’m still a beginner)

Managed Forex Accounts

If you don’t want to take the years of training that you will need to tradeffor yourself or you can find someone to trade your account for you.

On this page, you can find all the information about the managed accounts solutions that I’ve investigated.

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How To Be An Introducing Broker

At present I make more money from being a introducing broker.

Brokers will either pay you a once off fee for each trader you refer that successfully starts trading a funded live account or pay you a portion of the “spread” or even a combination of both a CPA (Cost per Action) plus a portion of the spread.

Go to this page to find out more.

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